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Amalgam TV: The Speed Demon by FrischDVH
Amalgam TV: The Speed Demon

Flash  +  Daredevil = Speed Demon

Assistant District Attorney Matt Allen was reviewing forensic evidence in the police lab when out of the blue, he was struck by bolt of lightning and fell into a rack of chemicals. For 9 months he lay in a coma. He awoke amidst a massive explosion in his room. Matt had gained the ability to move at superhuman speeds. Also, he could see in various wavelengths, translate languages just by hearing them, and react with inhuman agility. It seemed as if his body machinations had all been pushed into overdrive. Matt knew he had to use his powers for good. He set out to become the superhero known as The Speed Demon.

At first Matt was successful. He was apprehending criminals and stopping crime. Then when the criminals went to trial, most were let go on technicalities or because the “Speed Demon” was not a deputized member of law enforcement. He quit in a state of anger and opened up his own firm with the help of his mentor Franklin Welles. Franklin had his own problems. For years he worked as the public face lawyer for New Star City’s number one crimeboss The Black King, Merlyn Fisk. Fisk did not appreciate Franklin leaving, so he had him killed. With his final breath, he implored Matt to find his daughter, Iris Page, and keep her safe. Matt promised as the life left Franklin.
Matt had gotten a heads up that Fisk was going to attempt a kidnapping. Believing that the target was Iris Page, the Speed Demon raced to the warehouse he believed her to be kept. As he approached a crate in the middle of the room, the doors behind him burst open and there stood Cage and Hope. Before a word could be said, the crate exploded and out came Danny Queen, freed from his bonds by the power of the Dragonlord. The four heroes stood in the middle of the room as gangsters flooded one side, and ninja monk assasins on the other. Soon, the figures of Merlyn Fisk, the Empress, and the Headhunter appear and the game has become much deadlier……
Amalgam TV: The Power of Hope by FrischDVH
Amalgam TV: The Power of Hope

Supergirl  +  Jessica Jones = Hope

Hope was a girl who had special “abilities” manifest themselves due to the Terragenesis Bomb detonated by the Kree Dominant. Hope’s home life was of meager means and even worse when after an attempted assault, Hope used her powers to lash out at her father, killing him. She was shuffled from foster home to foster home and eventually found a better place with the Danvers. She even had an older sister. MacKenzie “Mack” Danvers.

Fortune did not smile on Hope for long. After she turned 18, her parents went missing by mysterious means. After Hope was caught on cell video stopping a beatdown on the subway using superhuman strength, she was approached by her sister. Mack revealed that the family that took her in was not an actual family, but agents of the Department of Extranormal Operations: SHIELD Division. This was an extension of the government that was keeping tabs on the explosion of new meta-humans since the Terragenesis  Bomb detonation at S.T.A.R. labs. They wanted her to help. Although there was an air of distrust between Mack and Hope, she finally found a place she could belong and help people.

Mack introduced her to the Director, a man by the name of Henry “Hank” Coulson. He seemed a bit distant, but otherwise okay. She began her training in earnest. 5 years later, Hope was set up in a rather seedy part of town, with an investigation agency. The idea was to hire as many metahumans as possible, as a way to control and dictate their comings and goings. That is where Hope and John Cage met, became friends, became partners.
Amalgam TV: The Gladiator by FrischDVH
Amalgam TV: The Gladiator

Spartan + Luke Cage = Gladiator

Speedy + Misty Knight = Red Knight

Former Marine, former NSA agent, former Secret Service Agent Carl Diggle was the unexpected patsy of a successful Presidential assassination. Forces unseen by the casual observer moved to frame Carl for allowing the President to die. He was sent to Leavenworth State Penitentiary, to suffer at the hands of corrupt wardens, cruel guards, apathetic inmates, and finally….mad scientists. Carl was subjected to a battery of tests and experiments. During one fateful night, a guard who hated Carl messed with his experiment. The resulting explosion not only freed Diggle, but changed him. His facial features were different, his fingerprints were gone. Unbeknownst to him, his DNA had changed on a molecular level granting him super strength, endurance, and power. The power to stop those that would do what happened to him. The power to face evil in the streets and win. Carl obtained a fake id and set up a new life in New Star City as John Cage. Cage answered an ad for a skip tracer job. There he met the awkwardly named Hope Danvers, a former agent of the D.E.O. They went into business together creating Centurion Investigations.

The first day of business, a well-kept older lady came calling. Not the type of clientele that Cage expected, but a paycheck is a paycheck. He also took notice of her bodyguard/driver, a former member of the NSCPD by the name of Willow Knight. She had quit the force over misconduct charges stemming from an arrest where she broke six bones of an alleged sex-trafficker. It was discovered she had some unusual prosthetics, of the cybernetic kind. “Mr. Cage, I have need of your services. My son has recently come home and I believe someone would see him done harm. I assure you money is no object.”
“Well….who do you think would do your son harm?....uhm Mrs….?”
“Queen. His father wants him dead.”
“Wait” said Cage. “Wendell Queen wants his own son dead?”
“Wendell Queen is my husband” she continued after a brief pause….” Daniel’s father is….Merlyn Fisk!”
The All New All Different Uncanny X-Men

This story builds off the story of Hank McCoy bringing the old X-Men to the present to help avert a crisis. As the 616 mutant part of the universe is a magnet for alternate timelines, what if Dr. McCoy went backt to the right time, but wrong timeline?
In this story, Beast reaches into an alternate timeline where a young Professor X did not go into mutant physiology studies, but rather psychological studies. The Professor becomes a renowned psychologist and psychiatrist on the behavior of humans as they evolved into mutants. To this end, he establishes a sort of half way house for young mutants who have messed up and committed criminal acts. There he teaches them control, understanding and rehabilitation of their criminal impulses.
His first three students are: Fred Dukes, former Florida State lineman who robbed the box office and was found living in a carnival. Angelo Unuscione, a foreign rich kid who thought diplomatic immunity allowed him to drink and drive. And Mortimer Toynbee, who had been arrested for stalking....and peeping. He received two new students Pietro and Wanda Maximoff who were arrested for their affiliation with the MLF, headed by their father, Magnus.
The Professor and Magnus were old friends. This was probably why Magnus thought he would be able to walk in and take his children home with him. Xavier refused and a battle errupted. Magnus was only driven back when his children turned against him. Claiming Charles had brainwashed them, he vowed revenge.
The next few months were an adventure as the new squad fought the Juggernaut and Black Tom, Factor 3, and went head to head with the Invaders ( Captain America, Black Panther, Namor, The Human Torch, Valkyrie, and Spitfire).
Then that fateful day happened, and they were brought to the future by Hank McCoy. How would things have been different?


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